The TTIP according to the UN model, on Radio Radicale tomorrow at 11 am.

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Jeronim Capaldo

The TTIP according to the UN model on Radio Radicale (Italy).

Saturday, November 8, from 11 to 12 hours Italian, live on on Radio Radicale, and live video on RadioRadicale and TV (108 channel of digital terrestrial television), listeners can ask questions directly to Jeronim Capaldo , an economist at Tufts University in Boston, who will present his analysis of TTIP made using the “Global Policy model” (GPM), the econometric model of the United Nations. The GPM as a model includes assumptions about more meaningful macroeconomic adjustment, employment trends and global trade then the one, inadequate, used by the European Commission, the CGE type (Computable General Equilibrium Models of General Equilibrium Calculable). The latter, for example, gives as assumed that there are no changes in employment because, they say, if there was a drop in demand would be the wages to fall sufficiently to ensure that all remain employed, but we know that this is false, and that in the presence of a decrease of demand, the companyes will lay off. Otherwise, Rated with the model of the United Nations, the TTIP appears to favor the un-economic integration of Europe rather than its integration, both from a commercial point of view that economic and social development. In the studio, with Jeronim Capaldo, Giorgio Pagano, conductor of the weekly column “Patriaeuropea” on Radio Radicale.



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