The President of the Italian Republic answers to Esperanto Radical Association’s letter

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The President of the Italian Republic answers to Esperanto Radical Association’s letter

Statement by Giorgio Pagano – Radicals/ERA

I would like to thank the Head of State warmly for his prompt reply to our letter concerning the country’s linguistic corruption across the teaching of non-linguistic subjects in English and the obbligatory requirement of having a B2 Level in English for whoever wishes to work as a teacher, even when teaching a second language, a paradox where if you want to teach Spanish you need to know English first. The letter was sent by us, the ERA, and on behalf of the FLC-CGIL. I recognize the undeniable attention that the President has shown towards the Italian language, which I have taken measures to verify via speakerphone at the Quirinal Palace during the 21st Congress.

In any case, our concern can only be alleviated by President Napolitano’s effort and that of a few linguists, so that linguistic equality can be guaranteed in Italy as well as in other European countries, even in the abscence of appropriate tools. The issues which were mentioend at the Quirinal are none other than the latest measures employed to try and marginalize the importance of the Italian language when it comes to communication and education, against the favouritsm of one singular language, at the expense of all the other languages.

It’s impossible NOT to talk about linguistic colonization when you kill words scot-free, making every part of ‘English’ equivalent to ‘Foreign Language,’ as if English was the only foreign language in the world, with English mother-tongues who don’t learn a second language aside from their own. The President’s concern about the future of the United States of Europe is that they risk to find themselves in a position of indifference if they continue to remain to be live in disparity and disunited, a concern which can not be seperated from that of the Italian language fiasco, which means the fiasco for our language, our market, our political weight in Europe and in the world. As radicals and as the Esperanto Radical Association we will continue to fight to ensure that this does not happen.


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