The National UNESCO Commission complies with the Radical Campaign to Adopt Endangered Languages

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The National UNESCO Commission complies with the Radical Campaign, that is, adopt an endangered language. On February 18 of last year, the "Esperanto" Radical Association launched a "permanent Campaign for the adoption of endangered languages."

A year later, to coincide with the "International Mother-tongue Language Day," after UNPO (Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization), together with which a request was made to the Ministry of Education as well as the patrimony asked at the University to promote the permanant initiative, "Adopt a language, save a culture!" in universities and schools. The confrimation of the UNESCO National Commission will also give way. The Commission itself will discuss the initiative today at 16.00, in Rome, during a Panel entitled "Adopt a Language" and the Hall of Mirrors inside the Italian-Latin American Institute in Piazza Benedetto Cairoli, n.3, where ERA’s Secretary, Giorgio Pagano, will contribute by sharing his lengthly experience that he has had within the association and during the course of the previous year.


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