Pagano (ERA): Milan is a dangerous city, but only for Americans

Posted on in ERA News 7 vedi

“In Milan, the most present foreign cultures in the territory are the Filipino, the Egyptian and the Chinese ones, while Americans are practically an insignificant percentage. Nevertheless, the U.S. consulate is the only which was obliged to sound the alarm towards its countrymen about a dangerous left-winged Milan, where rapes, pickpocketings, murders and robberies increased in the last months”, comments the leader of Esperanto Radical Association.
“It's a blatant foreign interference in an election moment. A bad event tending to orient the votes of citizens not only from Milan, given the national impact of the news” continued Pagano. “68 years have passed since the Yalta Conference, where United States, Great Britain and Russia divided Europe into zones of influence, but it seems that nothing has changed for our American friends, who consider Italians as people to be taught and kept under surveillance, as if they were unfit to plead”, concluded the Sercretary of ERA.


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