Pagano (ERA): Cameron greedy of european funds but he lacks the will to being european

Posted on in ERA News 8 vedi

«Cameron officially stated he wants a referendum about the permanence of the Great Britain in the UE by the next legislature; on the other hand the attitude of his conservative collegues towards the Common Agricultural Policy is to sack the european funds without knowing to whom they are given».This is Pagano's comment after the conservative member in the Agriculture Commission of the European Parliament voted for an amendment which does not force to make public the names of whose receive funds. «The explanation of the Popular Party is just absurd. To say that this rule is redundant is illogical. This must cover more obscure motivation. It's clear that the conservative wants to protect their Queen, who is one of the biggest landowner in Great Britain. It's not a coincidence that during the past years the Royal Family received high sums from the European Community. And these came also from our taxes. So we can say the British are euro-skepticals when they have to pay, but ultra-europeists when they can collect!».


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