Moratorium: First International Document in Esperanto released by an Italian Institute

Posted on in ERA News 12 vedi

Statement by Giorgio Pagano, Secretary of the "Esperanto" Radical Association
Excellent the fact the the Lombardy Region decides to assume an active role in the International movement for universal Grace Period, which powers the Italian initiative for ONU as well as the "Hands Off Cain" Initiative.

To us, it has an even bigger importance, that is to convey our initiative in the International Language (called Esperanto) against the Regions and 46 countries of the European Council. For the first time, the Council Motion with the International Appeal attached, in Esperanto, will be sent abroad by an Italian institution. We are talking about a new with high political wvalue, from the moment in which an institution, that represents all the citizens, dedicated their time to a single public language which can really represent each and everyone one, without privilege or prejudice to anyone, and, first of all, not to the English. Applause for the Lombardy region and their President for having completed this small but crucial step in to walk towards international linguistic democracy.


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