Marginalization of the Italian Language

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Today we’d like to speak poorly of our Italian govenors and politicians. First, the Left ruled, now it’s the Right that is causing our troubles. Both sides have the same responsibilities, but those who are currently in the goverment have even more responsibility, because it is their role to be more active, and they are not fulfilling this role. Our interest is sparked by our concerns regarding the Italian language’s marginalization in the world, and the absence of any activity to try and promote the Italian language in international communication or anywhere else. In other words, as soon as you leave the country, our national language is treated as a dialect and that enough is reason to avoid using it. Those who go abroad know exactly what it’s like. In hotels, airports, international conferences, in cosmopolitan press, on the internet, on international television… our language is completely and utterly absent and unnoticed. It is not recognised anywhere. Actually, when you wonder why there isn’t the Italian language, others show a level of irritation. There aren’t any Italian translations, or subtitles, or explanations anywhere. Too bad for you if you don’t know any of the European vehicular languages – that’s not only English, but French, Spanish, German, Russian, Portughese and even Polish. Anything but Italian. It remains shunned and ghettoized even within the Italian world, seen in a poor light by everyone, without bothering to understand what is happening in its surroundings. Why is that? How is it possible that the whole of Europe snubs us? Our politicians and their bad habbits are responsible for the marginalization that has occurred, for they have never taken interest in the people’s interests within the country, let alone abroad. Other countries of the world come to agreements and produce brotherhoods between different honed languages, they do one another the favour of each translating in tongue, signing protocols to increase the number of translations, supporting the partner language, none of which is happening for the Italian language. Italians, in this department, are outstanding because they are absent. Our politicians’ fault is therefore doubled, as they have hardly been active in defending the perogatives of the Italian language and because they have created an educational system where, despite the thirteen years of primary and secondary school, students are unable to express themselves in a foreign language and actually be understood. Why is that? First of all, teachers seem to be unable to teach a foreign language and, secondly, our politicians’ ignorance makes them unable to see the importance of defending Dante’s langauge in the world. Two names come up at the top of the list: Silvio Berlusconi, our Prime Minister, and Franco Frattini, Minister for Foreign Affairs. Two men who can confirm that they have contributed to the marginalization of the Italian language. Congratulations to both, who, instead of distributing the Italian language around the world, they diminish it.


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