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[fimg=left][/fimg] Last month, on the 27th of November, a conference/debate was held in the Sala delle Colonne, organized the the "Esperanto" Radical Association, entitled "LINGUISTIC GENOCIDE AND EXTINCTION OF CULTURES: ANOTHER WAY TO CONDUCT WAR." Its aim was to elaborate on this topic in order to continue fighting, as efficiently as possible, against linguistic genocide and the extinction of cultural identity currently taking place.

During the conference, with Giorgio Pagano, Secretary of the "Esperanto" Radical Association as chairman, there were speeches by ethno-linguist Maurizio Gnerre, anthropologist Flavia Cuturi, the Rector of Perugia’s university Stefania Giannini, the Secretary of the Italian UNESCO comission, Vicenzo Pellegrini, and the director Filippo Soldi.

The crucial concept that emerged during the conference was the right for one to have the freedom to inform oneself and express oneself in one’s own mother tongue, a freedom that should be granted to everyone, especially when it comes to International communication. Actually, only a small part of humanity are communication to their staisfaction.

The current cystem of international communication enphasizes the negatice characteristics of human society, such as masochism, its tendency to act irrationally as well as its strong passivity.
Our society, despite it being a non-democratic and iliberal decision, has decided that, in order to communicate, have chosen English, one of the least appropriate languages, a tricky language for the English themselves.

95% of humans resign themselves to an inferiori linguistic position, leaving the other 5%, made up of native English-speakers, expecting the others to learn their language in order to be able to communicate in an international enviroment. Learning while assisting to the harsh degregation more and more, and contributing partially and publicly and therefore degrading their own culture.

It’s absurd that in a world where nearly 90% of high school students dedicate so much energy and time to learn English and are not brought closer to other cultures across languages. It’s even more absurd that, after all this work, the majority of people are unable to communicate properly, both on a private and global scale.

The problem that must be overcome is raising awareness in public opinion, and among the politicians. Place more attention towards the international linguistic problem, spreading the idea of linguistic democracy and protect cultural identity. We need more people that are aware of their own cultural worth, the linguists in first place, who react before they are understood.

The conference’s “leitmotif” meant the death sentence of languages at the hands of the strongest, that is, the English, who, currently being the strongest population in the world, could "eat" all the other languages of the world (as Ceaser’s legions did with Latin!).
The "battle" that can stop linguistic genocide and needs to be suggested is the international and ecolanguage, Esperanto.


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