Law presented Once Again at the Parliment

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In the absence of a Federal European language, we can only expect baby-steps from the economy.
A pro-Esperanto law was presented at the Parliment together with the cabinet Act n.129, presented by Andrea Colasio della Margherita at the beginning of Legislation in favour of an International Language.
"Means for defending linguistic diversity as well as cultural, in order to re-inforce peace values, democracy and progress can be done by promoting peace values, democracy and progress via the promotion and teaching the international language, Esperanto."
The text remains the original as suggested by the "Esperanto" Radical Association during the last legislation where the procedure ended with the Hearing of ERA’s Secretary, Giorgio Pagano,towards the end of the Cabinet session. Now, there is work to do," said Giorgio Pagano, also a member of the Rose in the Fist management, " to work towards a law that listens and can earn consent. However, I believe that the necessity of a common Federal Language acts as an essential element for a Europe that, the way it is now, coul never imrpve itself, and suffers serious economic damage and serious consequences for euro-citizens and European competition in a global market. I hope that our MPs are aware and give us the opportunity to choose between English monolingusim and others.


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