Languages, Pagano (Radicals/ERA): Esperanto turns 124, anniversary of linguistic violence and assimilation.

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Languages, Pagano (Radicals/ERA): "Esperanto turns 124, anniversary of linguistic violence and assimilation."
Statement by Giorgio Pagano – Radicals/ERA

"Esperanto turns 124 years old today: an anniversary consumed by violence in linguistic assimilatio." So states Giorgio pagano, Secretary of the "Esperanto" Radikala Asocio.
"On the 26th of July 1887, L.L. Zamenhof published the first book in Esperanto. This year’s anniversary coincides in proximity of the attack in Oslo: it’s an occasion to reflect on how much we have learned about non-violence, and the ideals for universal dialogue on which Zamenhof built his language of equal opportunity," Pagano continued.
"Linguistic assimilation from behalf of the dominant culture has reached its final stage, the stage where other cultures are happy to give up their own identity and culture in

favour of the imposed culture and propaganda, with the illusion that by doing so they may sit on the right hand side of the almighty Father. We need a linguistic democracy and Esperanto is the only means of communication that can guarantee equal opportunity and respect diversity between dialogue, and respect non-violent behaviour and the urgent need for the United States of Europe as the nucleaus of exportation for a non-violent democracy," the Secretary of Esperanto concluded.


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