In France it Can Happen.

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Christian Garino, an esperantist candidate for French Presidency
At the next presidential elections of France, an esperantist will run for candidate: Christian Garino, candidate for the Espèranto Libertè movement.
In a survey conducted by, Garino is in 6th place with 5.58% of the votes: a positive result if you consider that there are 49 candidates to choose from and Chirac has 1.79%.

We invite all of you to give him priority: you can do so bly clicking on his photo, here on the left, that will lead you to the webpage.
You can vote more than once, as the survey measures in the "doses" which can motivate the participants. There needs to be a 6 hour gap between every vote. Therefore, we invite all those who login to here to click on Garino’s photo: the more, the better.


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