Giorgio Pagano applaudes Ronchi, Minister for Community Policy

Posted on in ERA News 12 vedi

Statement by Giorgio Pagano, Secretary of the "Esperanto" Radical Association.
The Minister for Community Policy, Minister Ronchi, during th European Union Counsel, claimed that the Italian Goverment no longer intends to participates in meetings that will not have any interaction in the Italian language.

It’s about time that the Italian language and culture is defended from the anti-democratic European Unification and internationalization. However, linguistic discrimination is always more present in our universities: Does Minister Ronchi know, for example, that in Turin you can graduate in Textile Engineering in English, but not in Italian? I think that the Minister ought to open a debate, asking how Italy and Europe can become integrated if it doesn’t take part in the linguistic and culutral destruction of non-English speaking cultures.


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