Few Foreign Students in Italy: the problem is not the Language, it’s the Bureacracy

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Answer to the Corriere by Giorgio Pagano, Secretary of the "Esperanto" Radical Association

Giorgio Pagano, Secretary of the "Esperanto" Radical Association answered back to Giulio Benedetti who said in [i]Il Corriere della Sera[i] that when it comes to university, "Italy imports the brains," claiming that the reason why there is such a minority of students who choose an education here in Italy instead of going abroad is due to the fact that university is taught in Italian, a language which he considers to be "not vehicular."

“It’s not the difficulty of the Italian language that prevents foreign students from enrolling in our universities,” Giorgio Pagano corrected him, “It’s the Italian bureacracy, as we can clearly see in a survey conducted by "Vision" at the Polytechnic Institute of Turin. 60% of those who were interviewed did not express any complaint about the Italian language, but on our bureaucracy, and 32% criticized immigrant regulations. On the contrary, our language is favoured by students who enter the country from abroad, seeing as it is their preferred second language to study in. Replacing our language with English in our universities won’t attract more foreign students: those who are interested would go directly to an English-speaking country. It’s important to understand that our "Bel Paese" is not only made up of a beautiful culture but also a beautiful language. Now, for many – too many – the presence of the English language in Italy is not only just a language but an ideology, like communism and fascism."


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