EU, English for the blind, Pagano (Radicals/ERA): The roads to colonization are infinite.

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EU, English for the blind, Pagano (Radicals/ERA): "The roads to colonization are infinite."
Statement by Giorgio Pagano – Radicals/ERA
"Project Ellvis, which teaches English to the Blind, proves that the roads to colonization are infinite," states Giorgio Pagano, Secretary of the Esperanto Radical Association.

"The advanced high-tech system used to teach English to the blind is financed by the EU, which continues to spend copulous resources contributing to linguistic inequality, and constantly neglecting the contracts and the Treaties that have been made." Pagano adds, " why not help the blind learn their own language instead of learning Great Britain’s?"

"The blind are the ultimate frontier of the immense market that is constantly expanding at the expense of other languages and cultures. Apparently, it’s for a nobel cause, however, equal opportunity is at inequality’s service. We need linguistic democracy in the European union: the Italian goverment should make itself the promoter of European linguistic federalism. Esperanto is the only answer to the end of this unacceptable linguistic discrimination amongst European citizens."
Rome, March 22nd 2011


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