Esperanto Radical Association Protests against Linguistic Discrimination in the MiUR Projects

Posted on in ERA News 18 vedi

After 5 months without an answer to the question that was aimed at Maurizio Turco (RnP) which, the "Esperanto" Radical Association for Linguistic Democracy will be protesting against the obbligatory requirement of presenting MiUR Projects in English only, on the 1st of August, between 11-12, in front of the Ministry for University research, at n.20, Piazzale Kennedy 20. It is discriminatory against Italian citizens, who, not being British citizens, have no reason to learn English. Unfortunately, if the Project is not submitted in English, it will not even be considered, blocking the company of the candidate that wishes to take part in the project. It’s not clear what law or article this linguistic debt is based on, forcing citizens and businesses who wish to participate, to pay for a professional translator skilled enough to translate the complicated written Projects. Furthermoe, the MiUR is indirectly agreeing with the European Commission which, even recently, released a series of Projects for the public only in English, French and German, a violation of the European principle known as multilinguism, a decision slandered by Minister Bonino.


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