ERASMUS: Do Corsera and Repubblica not know how to read?

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Statement by Giorgio Pagano, Secretary of the "Esperanto" Radical Association.
Only 1.4% of students think English is an indispensable language worth knowing: a statistic taken from a survery carried out on a number of ERASMUS students living in Italy, interrogated by the Italian network of ERASMUS students, published in "Studenti magazine." The survey was taken via various tests, including Repubblica and Corsera, tests that mocked Italy as no one speaks English: ERASMUS students are coming to Italy to learn Italian! They are not coming to learn how the English language is learned and spoken. It’s not a coincidence that more than half the students arrive with a shred of cultural baggage that allows them to communicate in every-day situations, and there are only 10% of those who complain about the language being a problem when they first arrive, even though the majority of the students are linguistically prepared when they enter Italy. It’s no surprise then the answer to the question "In Italy English is…" as the results will tell you, in Italy, English is;
Indispensable, according to 1.4%
19.8% says it’s useless, University is taught in Italian,
26.8% says useless, no one speaks it,
52% say it’s useful, but not indispensable.
In light of these statistics, therefore, it’s hard to understand why Italian media insists on the indispensable use of the Italian language, or the reason why Italian Rectos are offering students degree courses exclusively in English, the so-called indispensable language for 1.4% of those who study in Italy!
Instead of providing a more in-depth training in the Italian language, our institutes insist on reducing them, against the interest of students, Italian and foreign! A harmful policy that European students heavily protest against.


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