ERA’s Political Mission in Paris

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ERA’s Political Mission in Paris
Paris, September 3rd, 2002
Here are a number of events in which ERA will participate during its mission in Paris:
– with the French Greens
– Défense de la Langue Française, association for the defence of the French language
– Participation with the UNESCO
For what concerns the greens, Paris was the perfect occasion to get in contact with the head of the Education Comission and to meet the first animator and current head of the Esperanto Comission: Benoit Ducasse and Julien Roche, respectively.

The work coalition evolved in a friendly enviroment and focused in particular on a number of priorities, starting with the necessity to "translate the Berlin Resolution of the greens’ organizational structure on endangered languages."
From this point of view, the three parties agreed on the need to broaden the work that the actual Esperanto Comission is handling to other French green comittees, and this is the reason for which the committee may change name.

It was enphasized that, in the eventual possibility that the of an actual European, green constitution in 2004, it is viutal that the green Esperantists give life to their political and linguistic community, doing so, for example, by holding regular meetings with the AVE (associazione verdi esperantisti).
Other topics were then discussed, for example, the opportunity to interlocute with the current right-wing goverment of France to make sure they realize the need there is for a democratic and international language, also as it may be the only way in which France can regain a large chunk of its linguistic market that is constantly more and more hegemonized in the field of communication by the English language of the multinational American companies (TV, cinema, Rock…)

This topis was also the center of debate at the “Défense de la langue française” meeting. In the end, the addociation denounced every single violation of France’s regulations when it comes to the subject of languages, tìstarting with the infamous Toubon law of language fees.
– DFL appealed to to the President of the European convention and former French president, Valéry Giscard d’Esteing, asking for a protocall that can guarantee equality in the entire European Union to the be included in the Convention’s Protocall.
– In 2000, ERA had launched a proposal to open the first European Conference on languages.

In the end, Paris has been the opportunity to meet the new heads and learn the new priorities of UNESCO’s linguistic policies in the culture, communication and education sectors, and allow them to demonstrate their association, goals and past and present initiatives.
Unfortunately, we have already had to take in to account that the situation is already

– reduced the linguistic division and cuts the staff down to the bare essential.
– been forced to drastically reduce the possible ONG intervention in the global summit of Communication.
– postponed,till an unknown date, the release of the "Languages of the World Report" and has not allowed public access to atlas of the Endangered Languages of the World, with the exception of paid visits.
– blocked all the permanent expert committees, inclduing the Multilinguism in Education Committee.

In recent years. ERA, although it does not yet have a affilated status, has seen its proposals adopted positively or carried out by UNESCO itself.

For the latter, ERA has proposed to a number of Parisian Organizations the need to provide a strong and active democratic response to the global needs of transnational communication, without which, in fact, the protectionist policies pursued in the world of education, communication and culture risk to become the Horse of Troy in the global imposition of the English language and American cultural products and communication.
The four experts and program managers in the sector of UNESCO listened with a sign of interest towards the association’s language policy, and requires a further written study.


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