ERA Onlus conference: Against the malfunction of the Italian Language in Italy

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Against the malfunction of the Italian Language in Italy
Oresentation on "Esperanto" Radical Association’s website, and the first anti-discriminatory Initiatives
On Thursday, July 26 2007, at 14.00, ERA Onlus will present its new portal in the Chamber of Deputies conference room, created to promote and defend the italian language. As

well as introducing the website, theme and debate, the problem of linguistic discrimination will be the main focus of the conference. The conference will be aimed at uniting the

political world together with the Unionist one. Jean-Loup Cuisiniez e Muriel Tardito, French Labour Unionists currently active in a linguistic discrimination court-case against a branch of General Managers, will be participating in the event. Italian Unionists will also take part. The problem of linguistic discrimination in France’s work enviroment will be compared to the one in Italy. Giorgio Pagano, Secretary of the "Esperanto" Radical Association, will be presenting.

Participation from the following:
Marco Beltrandi, Deputy of La Rosa nel Pugno
Jean-Loup Cuisiniez and Muriel Tardito, CFTC (Confédération Française des Travailleurs Chrétiens) Unionists
Federico Guiglia, journalist, researcher and author of Sulla Punta della Lingua
Claudio Giovanardi, Professor of Italian Linguistics at Roma Tre University and co-author of the Inglese-Italiano 1 a 1
Riccardo Di Marcantonio, Operating Manager of Alethes, an agency which specializes in handling information and innovatice technology used for working with written data.



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