ERA on Rai Utile: “Italian, a heritage worth protecting”

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Is Italian to become part of that 95% of world languages destined to die out in the next century?
During a debate presented by Laura Garofolo on Rai Utile last August 27, on the program "Sistema Paese," together with the participation of Prof. Luca Serianni, a Lincei scholar, Giorgio Pagano, Secretary of the "Esperanto" Radical Association (ERA) and Costanza Menzinger, glottology expert for the Dante Alghieri institute, the growing risks caused by the death of languages, swallowed by the colossal "English," were analyzed.

According to Prof. Luca Serianni’s predictions, this risk seems inevitable only for those languages spoken by a few thousand people, without any foundations which could cause concerns for languages such as Italian. Giorgio Pagano underlines one of the main political problems: «We’re not talking about complete extinction, but there is an undeniable risk for the Italian language, called dialectalization, that is the progressive lack of use and reduction of the Italian language "in all aspects." Europe should consider it a priority to defend its great and varied linguistic heritage against the colossal anglo-American.»

Serianni agrees that «Scientific and economic sectors are blatantly favouring the English language. It would be ideal to replace it with a common language, such as Esperanto.»

Pagano hilights that, to protect the dignity of each single national language, it’s vital to undo the "monopolistic" domination of English as the international language, it’s necessary to make use of a linguistic instrument that is not anyone’s language or anyone’s domain, in order not to damage the right to equal opportunity.»

This would be the case with Esperanto. With a detailed research of information, single Countries should become aware of the risks and opportunities which dot their road to unification. «Defending a national language has to start from within the schools,» Pagano said, « us, the ERA, have created a website, to provide a source which can protect the "Italian-ness" of websites, to defend the use of the Italian language even in the internet world, building an interactive dictionary, Italian synonyms against English expressions that are too often abused in day-to-day language. We are on the lookout for teachers and those who strenously protect the use of the Italian language, in order to present a legal project that protects that Italian language from linguistic discrimination on the entire European field.»


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