ERA at the “Giovani per la Pace” Meeting and “Language and Power”

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At the “Giovani per la Pace” Meeting in Bastia, Umbria, from the 23rd to the 24th of September, the “Esperanto” Radical Association will hold a lesson and semimar on the concerning the English linguistic colonization that is currently taking place, and the relationship between “Language and Power.” The lesson will be taught in Esperanto. It’s a perfect occasion to underline how necessary linguistic democracy is, an important occasion to re-ignite the democratic procedure towards developing the United States of Europe, and making Esperanto the federal European language.

It is in the interest of all associations that are battling for peace, as well as in the best of interest of those battling for democracy, linguistic rights and non-violence. We will march to remind that for there to be peace, linguistic colonization must come to an end, and Esperanto is to be used as the transnational democratic language, the language of equal opportunity for all people in the age of globalization.

All the young adults and teenagers that which to take part in this important occasion and march in favour of linguistic democracy, are invited to do so immediately, and contact the ERA’s Youth Department immediately. Contact us at


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