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[fimg=left][/fimg]68 Nations were present at the Inter-Parliamentary Union on the 4th of March at the Chamber of Deputees. Among the speakers there was the Radical, Lapo Orlando, Vice-secretary of the ERA ONLUS, the Association for Linguistic Democracy: quoting from the UNESCO delegate, Axel Plathe, Orland insisted on how urgent it is to deal with what is an actual democratic emergency: the freedom and equal opportunity to have access to the most essential human technology, that is, language.
"For 10 years now, UNESCO has warned us that the use of a single global language, English," he said, "risks the destruction of 90% of the linguistic heritage and humanity, and the marginalization of all the other leading language of the world. In 2004, during the United Nations Human Rights commission, the Transnational Radical Party held a debate in order to suggest a world conference on linguistic equality. This would be the theme that UIP dedicated on the next International Conference. Among the other themes discussed by Orlandi, it was suggested that a law be re-inforced in order to introduce Esperanto as one of the foreign languages to be taught in schools, as an international eco-language.


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