English only: ERA asks Salutati High School to hold an Assembly at the Institute

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English only: ERA asks Salutati High School to hold an Assembly at the Institute
After the headmaster read a long and circumstantial letter to the staff and students of the Salutati di Montecatini High School, which can be found at www.democrazialinguistica.it, and after having spoken to the students during last week’s manifestation, the "Esperanto" Radical Association asks for an assembly gathering at the institute so that an "informed decision" can be made.

«On Thursday, we protested in front of the “Coluccio Salutati” high school,» stated Giorgio Pagano, «we are against Headmaster Calusi’s idea to adopt the English language as the preferential language of communication, even in interviews with Italian students, instead of using the Italian language.
Having actually spoken to the students, but not to the headmaster, as he appeared to be untraceable, we understand that there is a level of absolute ignorance concerning the foreign languages and public policy, and our youth is discriminated and condemned to compete against the English youth thanks to the English-speaking colonization that has been happening around the world since the 1950s.

The advanced internationalization of the English language has not happened due to "divine will" and neither has it taken place because it is the "natural" order of the incidents: it is the result of a polished and systematic plan launched in Great Britain starting from as early as 1961, a precise political-commercial manoeuvre that favours the anglo-american businesses in the international market.

We consider it our duty towards places of learning such as schools, as an association for linguistic democracy, to supply the facts where they are missing, so that the Salutati high school can respond to harmful behaviour which can harm the interests of other countries, of our youth, their families and even the teachers themselves, which, if they continue to support this linguistic suicide, they will slowly be replaced by English mothertongues.

We therefore ask the Salutati high school to unite so that the anglosaxon language doesn’t destroy Italian, its skills, its businesses and its market, national or abroad, for good.


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