Education, Pagano (ERA): “Esperanto in school now, thank you Barbieri (Pdl)!”

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Education, Pagano (ERA): “Esperanto in school now, thank you Barbieri (Pdl)!”

Statement by Giorgio Pagano – Radicali/ERA

“Thank you to the Hon. Emerenzio Barbieri, who presented and released the Esperanto in school law.” State Giorgio Pagano, Secretary of the Esperanto Radical Association. “Atfer his effort, in 2005, our active correspondence and presenting of the law, on April 28 2010, has allowed Barbieri to now re-open the debate on the preliminary education of the International Language, also known as Esperanto, in schools. Fully aware of the “War of language” that our country is witnessing and that is currently increading the heavy costs that we as a country are already paying in favour of English-speaking linguistic colonization (900 euros a year), I can’t help but congratulate the MP which hd acted in name of innovation, democracy and equality.”

“The MIUR will surely keep in mind the favourable report on Esperanto, a report which the Ministry of Education has already published together with the Newsletter n.126, released April 19, 1995, having recognised Esperanto’s great advantages for language learning, peaceful dialogue and the chance to preserve 6 thousand of the world’s spoken languages.

It’s time to stop investing in a single language and culture that has chosen to substitute all others: we must educate how important learning Esperanto really, the secure linguistic shield for the Italian language and the head towards the United States of Europe, in 5 years time.”


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