Discriminazioni linguistiche a Bruxelles ottobre 2009 – Gennaio 2010

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534ISIS Europe is recruiting a part-time Administrative Assistant… The candidate will be an English AND French native speaker. http://www.isis-europe.org/index.php?page=vacancies ISIS Europe sta selezionando un assistene amministrativo part-time…il candidato deve essere madrelingua inglese E francese. http://www.isis-europe.org/index.php?page=vacancies 01/01/10
535Dentsu Brussels is looking for a Senior Copywriter…Native British English speaker. http://www.jobsinbrussels.com/ads-Dentsu-Brussels-Senior-Copywriter-English-French-and-German-is-an-asset-31449.aspx. Jobs-Brussels Dentsu Brussels sta cercando un Copywriter Senrior..Madrelingua inglese http://www.jobsinbrussels.com/ads-Dentsu-Brussels-Senior-Copywriter-English-French-and-German-is-an-asset-31449.aspx. Jobs-Brussels. 05/01/10
536PRACSIS is seeking an Administrative Assistant… The candidate will be an English native speaker. http://www.jobs-brussels.com/job/administrative-assistant/4097?offset=210. Jobs-BrusselsPRACSIS è alla ricerca di un assistente amministrativo…deve essere un madrelingua inglese. http://www.jobs-brussels.com/job/administrative-assistant/4097?offset=210. Jobs-brussels 18/12/09
537The Greens are looking for an assistant – English speaking… The candidate should have a mother tongue standard of English. http://www.jobs-brussels.com/job/assistant-f-m-english-speaking-temporary-agent-web-editor/4010?offset=300. Jobs-Brussels. I verdi sono alla ricerca di un assistente – Parlante inglese… il candidato deve avere un livello inglese da madrelingua. http://www.jobs-brussels.com/job/assistant-f-m-english-speaking-temporary-agent-web-editor/4010?offset=300. Jobs-Brussels. 10/12/09
538Burson-Marsteller –m is looking for a Team Assistant… English mother tongue. http://www.jobs-brussels.com/job/team-assistant/3965?offset=330. Jobs-Brussels Burson-Marsteller-m è alla ricerca di un assistente del personale… Madrelingua inglese. http://www.jobs-brussels.com/job/team-assistant/3965?offset=330 Jobs-Brussels.
Interel is looking for a Writer/Web Editor – Native English Speaking. http://www.jobs-brussels.com/job/writer-web-editor-native-english-speaking/3858?offset=420. Jobs-Brussels. Interel è alla ricerca di uno Scrittore/Editore WEB – Madrelingua inglese. http://www.jobs-brussels.com/job/writer-web-editor-native-english-speaking/3858?offset=420. Jobs-Brussels. 24/11/09
540Cambre Public Relations and Public Affairs is looking for a Junior Consultant with an excellent command of English (preferably mother tongue). http://www.jobs-brussels.com/job/junior-consultant/3781?offset=510. Jobs-Brussels Cambre Public Relations e Public Affairs sono alla ricerca di un consulente Junior con un’eccellente padronanza dell’inglese (Preferibilmente madrelingua). http://www.jobs-brussels.com/job/junior-consultant/3781?offset=510 Jobs-Brussels. 20/11/09
541 EDF is looking for an intern to support the communication team. She or He should be native English. http://www.jobs-brussels.com/job/interneship-communication/3773?offset=510. Jobs-Brussels. EDF sta cercando un tirocinante come supporto al personale. Lei o Lui deve essere madrelingua inglese. http://www.jobs-brussels.com/job/interneship-communication/3773?offset=510. Jobs-Brussels. 20/11/09
542European Association of Chemical Distributors is looking for a Communications Manager/Assistant. English mother tongue. Colipa. http://www.jobs-brussels.com/job/communications-manager-assistant/3496?offset=750. Jobs-Brussels. European Association of Chemical DIstributors è alla ricerca di un manager/assistente comunicazione. Madrelingua Inglese. http://www.jobs-brussels.com/job/communications-manager-assistant/3496?offset=750. Jobs-Brussels. 27/10/09
543Inclusion Europe Europe is currently offering six months work experience in Brussels to graduates in the areas of journalism or public relations. English mother tongue. http://www.jobs-brussels.com/job/information-trainee/3515?offset=750. Jobs-BrrusselsInclusion Europe offre sei mesi di esperienza lavorativa a Bruxelles a laureati nel settore del giornalismo o pubbliche relazioni. Madrelingua inglese. http://www.jobs-brussels.com/job/information-trainee/3515?offset=750 Jobs-Brussels 28/10/09
544The Bullettin is looking for a part time freelance sub editor…our ideal candidate is a native English speaker. http://www.xpats.com/jobs/the-bulletin-sub-editor The Bullettin. The Bullettin è alla ricerca di un editore libero professionista…il nostro candidato ideale è un madrelingua inglese. http://www.xpats.com/jobs/the-bulletin-sub-editor The Bullettin. 15/01/10
545The European School of Brussels is recruiting a English speaking nursery classroom assistant. http://www.xpats.com/jobs/european-school-4 The Bullettin. La scuola europea di Bruxelles sta selezionando un’assistente d’asilo che parli inglese. http://www.xpats.com/jobs/european-school-4 The Bullettin. 15/01/10

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