Culture, Pagano (ERA): We all must take Quebec as a linguistic example!”

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Buonanotte, one of the most exclusive Italian restaurant of Montreal, had been compelled to remove from the menu the terms pasta, bottiglia, antipasto.
In a statement the Quebec Board of the French Language, a public organization that protect Moliere's language, said that French terms must replace the Italiana ones. Only pizza is not forbidden.
“It sounds like a symbolic case. In Canada, the right to express in your mother language is strongly protected, especially some days before the Mother Language Day. It could be seen as a reactionary act, actually this statement representes the consequence of the angloamerican colonization, in termes of language and culture. Otherwise, a business process which consists in the global supremacy in the name of a false liberal and progressive coscience”, said Pagano, the ERA's Secretary.
“Few months ago in UK Debenhams removed from thei menu Italian terms like cappucino, caffellatte, espresso. But if in Québec a language policy is basic for their own identity, what happened in UK is a conqueror act committed to subjugate people”.
“Meanwhile Italy is not just passive to the Anglophone domination, it is also collaborationist in order to exemplify oppressor's job.
Neither in Nazi France, Vichy, happened this; Polytechnic of Milan will teach just in English language and it is certainly a cultural and economic damgage for our country.
Moreover, Profumo, through the DM of 14th Febrauary, asked the University of Cambridge to preparate students for entrance Medicina e Chirurgia exam made in English. In addition, the exam give 5 extra-points to those who studied in English Institutes”.


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