Crusca appeals: however, Sabatini is the first to sell out Italians in Europe.

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Crusca appeals: however, Sabatini is the first to sell out Italians in Europe. Statement by Giorgio Pagano, Head of and Secretary of the "Esperanto" Radical Association.
A month after the the Crusca Academy’s appeal for "the Italian language, school and development," together with the Lincei Academy and the ASLI, everything seems to have reached a dead end. And why wouldn’t? With Sabatini as its President, the Crusca association has accepted the Hostile Takeover launched by the English language in 1961, which hoped to conquer the world through the language, eliminating the other languages of the world as a consquence, to serve the English Superlanguage. If this is what the teachers have been taught, what can we expect from the students? What can be expected from this country, when the first to give in to the linguistic sovranity are the Italian people and the institutes themselves, which are supposed to protecting the language in the first place? Just visit Crusca’s website: "Entra nel sito," in Italian next to "Enter Site," in English! The Nencionis are long gone, what has come in their wake is even worse. These institutes need to understand that, in times of liguistic battle, at the peak of such Institutes there ought to be not only good scholars, but also, and especially, those who are able and interested in defending the Italians and their language. This is to be done before the powerful angloamerican war machine undoes the entire European and Global linguistic biodiversity, as Ceronetti said on the Corriere a few days ago.


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