Common language of the human species to the United Nations – update of August 6, 2015

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S. E. A. Laura Elena Flores Herrera

 Common language of the human species to the United Nations – update of August 6, 2015

The two-week trip to New York of Giorgio Pagano and Monia Chimienti for the Radical campaign for “Common language of the human species” to the United Nations is finished.
The activity at the UN HQ has focused on raising awareness of the Representations of the various Member about the serious lack, among the objectives of the Post-2015 United Nations, of a point concerning, in an era of mature globalization, the adoption and ‘implementation of a common language of humanity. Absence even more serious as it debated and approved unanimously (but then vetoed by France) even in 1922 by the ancestor organization of the United Nations, the League of Nations.
Five Ambassadors Plenipotentiary met: Benin, Denmark, Ireland, Panama and the Holy See. Very motivated and willing to operate effectively, independently of the Post-2015 Goals, the Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Panama SE Laura Elena Flores Herrera; very positive feedback, too, from Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Haiti Denis Régis, which sent personally to his government the issue raised by the Radical Party.
Mission to be contacted in September as interested, but at the moment with the full agenda or their ambassadors already in vacation: Afghanistan, Brunei, Chile, Cyprus, the Philippines, Guatemala, Macedonia, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Sierra Leone, Syria, Somalia, the United States of America, Vanuatu.
Two meetings at the Italian Permanent Representation, for which we takes this opportunity to thank H.E. the Ambassador Sebastiano Cardi.
A long article in Italian and English published by The Voice of New York: “Obiettivo 18 per l’ONU: Esperanto, la lingua comune della specie umana” and “Goal 18 for the United Nations: Esperanto, the common language of the Human species “, respectively.
Less than 4,500 euros, the expenditure incurred.


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