Cento per Cento Italiano lands in Australia

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Giorgio Pagano, Secretary of the "Esperanto" Radical Association, interviewd by Luca Scanni for the "Italian language Program" on Sbs, the Australian Radio, talks about www.centopercentoitaliano.it’s projects against the decay of our language.

Whilst on air, Giorgio Pagano talked about discrimination causing the dilution of national and international languages, always dominated ruthlessly by English domination, with social and economic consequences which witness a constant marginalization between who is competent in English and who it not. The paradoxal process was hilighted during the interview, where the Italian language is supported and maintained by Italian citizens who live abroad, while it is constantly being undermined within our own borders. This happens because those who live abroad are fully aware of their "Italian-ness," while those living in Italy feel that their being Italian is an undeniable label that has been granted, that doesn’t necessarily need to be protected.

The website, Centopercento italiano, aims to measure to what degree Italian websites are true to the Italian language, trying to gather, first of all, statistics on the number of websites that are coherent to the Italian language, easy for the Italian user to interpret, but also to try an minimize the tendency of the ever-growing use of foreign words. The goal is to protect the Italian language within the borders and not only to promote the worth of the language abroad. The next step would be to present a Law Project that defends the uses of the Italian language, as not to risk "selling out our own heritage."


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