Anti-takeover Regulations, Pagano (Radicals/ERA): “Italy: Constantly more merchandise and less culture.”

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[fimg=left][/fimg]Anti-takeover Regulations, Pagano (Radicals/ERA): “Italy: Constantly more merchandise and less culture.”
Statement by Giorgio Pagano – Radicals/ERA

“Italy is constantly becoming more merchandise and less culture: It is impossible to gain a supernational role without an identity and without dignnity,” states Giorgio Pagano, Secretary of the Esperanto Radical Association.
“ We favour English, we initiate the take-over of the language's prestige and its minds: we open an enormous market for the angloamerican countries, we expand it, and then what? We close the French market, with a protectionism which has failed in history and that has demonstrated its blindness to the french businesses and the disastrous Alitalia affairs,” Pagano underlined.
“The goverment is protecting the commerce and cutting the culture that Italians have paid for, making it a prey to the other countries, rather than a merchandise, but logic calls for the opposite: protectionism is to be applied to culture, investing on it so that it can become the source of innovation, new and competitive merchandise to export and exchange in the free market. Today's Risorgimento is the motherland's – Europe's- Revival, the barriers between the EU States must be broken and the federal language must be promoted in order to create national, indipendent and sovereign hotbeds which can grow equally instead of preying on one another.”
Rome, March 19 2011


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