Another Commission on Ridiculous Multilinguism Ideas

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Another Commission on Ridiculous Multilinguism Ideas

Statement by Giorgio Pagano, Secretary of Linguistic Democracy.

Yesterday, the Agencies wrote up a statement about the new European Commissionar, Leonard Orban, stating that it is "politically unacceptable to ask the citizens of the European Union to speak a single language, whether it be English or Esperanto."
It translates as a comparison between the Colonizer and the Polygot; a comparison between English, a hazardous if not incompetent language, and something we consider to be a common federal language, Esperanto, not to mention it also preserves other languages. If you add the fact that English is taught in all European states, and it’s obbligatory in many, Great Britain therefore has earned, with the help of the British Council, 750 billion Euros in 2005 alone, while Esperanto is taught officially only in Hungary and it is nation-less and state-less, therefore such a comparison is downright ridiculous.


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