Against the No-fly zone

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[fimg=left][/fimg]Libya, Pagano (Radicals/E.R.A.): " Say no to the no-fly zone"
Statement by Giorgio Pagano – Radicals/E.R.A.

" Blocked air traffic, no flying area, blocked access to the skies: there are many ways to say "no-fly zone" in Italian. We pretend we're Italian speakers at least until Italy's 150th annivesary. " So states Giorgio Pagano, secretary of the Radical Association "Esperanto."
" For days we've been seeing and hearing "No-fly zone" for Lybia written in English, from lines such as "Animal Friendly" and even, "Artusi Week" in Florence, Dante's birthplace, without even feeling abashed by it.
Nobody speaks Italian anymore, from the press to the institutions, but then they are the first to complain about the statistics that illustrate the degradation of education amongst the younger generations, blaming the use of text messages and social networks, speaking of which: social networks are the same instruments used to fight the non-violent revolution for linguistic democracy. That is, immigrants who arrive in Italy must take an Italian language test: but what's the point?" He continues.
" We live in a country that has an invaluable linguistic heritage, a country that has decided to give it up. On we have been forced to publish English terminology used in Italy in to italian and, if it took us 150 years to reach this paradox, I wonder what language we will be speaking at the bicentario, the 200th anniversay, if it willl still carry that name."


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