5×1000 fpr ERA: How to donate

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Number for the 5×1000: 97.104.360.587
Now you can support the "Esperanto" Radikala Asocio ONLUS not only with your subscription bu also with the IRPEF 5×1000, and to contribute is completely free. Starting from

this year, in fact, it’s possible to send financial aid from behalf of "the volunteer, non-profit organization and social utilities, social associations as well as foundations."

To donate, just write in the given box in your module of choice. (CUD 2006; 730/1- bis redditi 2005; UNICO single individuals 2006), with the fiscale code 97104360587 and

sign above.
Keep in mind that you are not obliged to present record of your income, you can take advantage of our "Choose a 5×1000 IRPEF Addressee Card."

Therefore we ask you to take our invite and promote the cause to your friends, family and relatives (by printing our letters), asking every one of you to inform us of your

participation in our project, contacting us at our email info@linguainternazionale.it or at Via di Torre Argentina 76, Roma 00186.

5×1000 IRPEF Addressee CUD 2006 Card reserved to those who are subscribed and exonerated from presenting the Declaration of Income

5×1000 IRPEF Addressee Card 730 MODULE

5×1000 IRPEF Addressee Card Individual Module

Per for more information on how to donate IRPEF 5×1000 to ERA ONLUS, contact info@linguainternazionale.it – www.linguainternazionale.it T. 0668979311 F. 0623312033


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